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When searching for coffee Ladue has several choices. Caffeinated drinks are available at multiple businesses. These companies brew beans from around the world with exotic flavors and aromas. Individuals seeking organic or free trade beans, or beans from a certain location have plenty of choices. Most of these businesses also have free Wi-Fi and accept credit or cash.

One of the main regions where coffee originates is Latin America. At one store there are ten different Latin American beans alone. Another has eight, and a third business offers three. Of these multiple products, some are medium Columbian, some are full-bodied Peruvian, and some are mild Costa Rican beans.

The Colombian beans are harvested from high atop the Andes mountains, thousands of feet above sea level. The flavors are fruity with a hint of walnut, and it is recommended the beverage be enjoyed with a slice of pecan pie. The Peruvian beans give a flavor that is full and rich, and with a lingering chocolate taste. The Costa Rican product has a high acidity, medium body, and a mild fruitiness. This is because the beans are picked at their peak of ripeness.

Another main region for coffee is Africa and Arabia, mainly Ethiopia and Kenya. The available products may vary. All seem to have in common a strong and fruity flavor.

At one location, four options are available. All have bold flavors with fruit or spice. At another location, a Kenyan option gives a heavy, rich and highly acidic beverage. An Ethiopian bean is also offered that is similar to the Kenyan but with added fruitiness and a medium body. Another business sells Ethiopian beans that brew a creamy, milk chocolate, and fruity drink. A buttery bodied Kenyan coffee with an acidity similar to wine is also on the menu.

A region also covered by local shops is the Pacific and Asia. At one location, beverages from these regional beans are bold and taste of herbs and earth. The consistency can be either smooth or syrupy, depending on exact origins. Another shop has a dark roast with a full flavor, mild acidity and heavy body. It also contains a quality of smokiness. One business has a bean that gives off three unique flavors: herb, clove and banana.

Most business not only offer original and intriguing beans, but also offer varieties that are either organic, fair trade, or both. This ensures that customers are getting products free of chemicals or potentially toxic residue. By purchasing fair trade products, consumers can know that they are buying coffee that is grown responsibly and traded ethically.

These businesses offer numerous coffee products with unique tastes. Beans can be purchased that originate from all over the globe. Additionally products can be found that are guaranteed safe and to have been traded and grown fairly. All customers can find what they are looking for.

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