Trendy Interior Design At Home

It’s certainly more difficult, if not downright impossible, to be always trendy when it comes to redecorating your home, no shoes or garments being as expensive or as difficult to secure. You can’t just rush and replace your oak floor with black star galaxy granite, for example, only because that’s the latest fashion in matters of home improvement. The stone and fitting are pretty costly, and replacing your old floor would unbalance the general layout. The interior design is like a living organism; therefore, you can’t simply remove one of its parts without impacting on all the others.

But it’s a different story with garden studios, which are both small and independent. In a garden studio, it wouldn’t cost you as much to be trendy and would neither be as inconvenient. Because it would be easier to clean the place, quicker to implement the changes and cheaper to replace what required, so that to get the trendy interior you mean to.

Currently, you could hardly find a homeowner that wouldn’t prefer a combination of kitchen and dining room area over some separate functions. But how chic a dining room may look like, when your guests invited for some formal dinners could see the refrigerator or the stove? In a garden studio, though, you could create a perfectly elegant dining room as a separate room, where you wouldn’t feel ashamed to invite even your employer or business partners.

Pastels are back in fashion these days, so you can have cream applestone limestone tiles flooring your dining room and gold cappuccino marble for the walls, or the other way around, their combination creating a sunny and elegant ambiance, particularly if you add some lemon silk drapes and, of course, a dining table top of matching stone. With a last finish consisting of some fragile and exquisite yellow anemones on the table, you’ll have the classy dining room you planned.

If, on the other hand, you plan a chic retreat for yourself and your partner, and not for your casual visitors, what about creating a fashionable bedroom, as a gift for your spouse on your wedding anniversary? You’d surely dismiss the idea of a four-poster in such a limited space, but a bed with a cast-iron filigree frame and bedposts would be the very thing, especially if in strong contrast with some red bedspread. You can tile the floor with vivid red travertine, have some black velvet draperies and a wallpaper in red and black patterns. You don’t need to be an artist to enjoy seeing this Matisse painting, especially if you yourself wear a black and red kimono. You will definitely recall such an anniversary for years to come!

The garden studios are a fine exercise in equilibrium between the aesthetic aspect and usefulness, between emphasis on advanced technology and natural materials and the impact on the environment

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