There’s A Gopher/Mole In The Yard

We all like having fun in the garden. There are pests though that are such a kill joy. Thankfully with today’s technological advances, we can safely get rid of unwanted pests without using traps, pesticides or chemicals that can be harmful to humans, especially children and the elderly, and desirable wildlife by using ultrasonic devices, electronic yard fences or strobe lights.

These products allow us to deal with unwanted pests in a humane and safe way and work on gophers, moles, squirrels, deer, cats, dogs, or any unwanted intruder. These ultrasonic devices work by using high frequency sound or vibration that hurts the animal’s ears, keeping them away. A friend of mine totally abhors the squirrels in her garden. Not only did they destroyed her garden, they also destroyed parts of the house including the chairs that were on the deck. They ate the coverings of the chairs. She purchased an ultrasonic device and it worked great! At this point in time, my friend is satisfied. As to the squirrels, they get to live another day.

Gophers and moles can create a major destruction to your garden, shrubs and vegetations. Not only do they destroy your lawn, but the mounds and surface tunnels create hazards related to tripping or twisting an ankle. Air shafts. That is what they are making. These rodents tunnel their way through that good-looking garden of yours to make air shafts for their homes underneath the ground. A stretch of several miles and 2 to 5 feet deep, that is how their tunnels measure. Each family of these rodents can have as much as twelve babies and the only thing they are good at is digging. Their food intake is equivalent to their own body weight, so they don’t hibernate because their bodies won’t store fat. Annually, a mature mole consumes food of about 40 pounds. It’s their way of life -dig, eat, dig eat. Plants need worms to ventilate the soil for their development. Now, moles hinder these developments by eating the worms. Gophers attack on plants, they devour the plant material and roots.

Moles create meandering surface tunnels, while gophers rarely have surface tunnels – and when they do, they are straighter. The heaps that moles make look like a tiny volcano while a gopher’s heap would shape like a kidney. These tiny rodents live beneath the ground on healthy, verdant lawns. Root of trees, grains, grasses, shrubs and vegetables in diversity are what moles and gophers usually eat on. They mostly like to eat lilies, irises, tulips, carrots, peas and beans. Aside from the preferred rooted out, worms and insects, plant materials are also included in a mole’s diet. Gophers though prefer plant materials that are succulent. They say gophers, moles, voles, chipmunks and woodchucks are very smart. We know them as masters of escape – from traps, baits and poisons.

You can easily identify that there’s a gopher or mole in your garden by the way your garden looks with all the ruins, mounds and surface tunnels. I am the type of person that just won’t kill anything. The spiders at home, I transfer them outside, the snakes in the garden, I put them near the lake (Yes I know, I am one of THOSE persons.) I do not think killing is the answer. Therefore, my advice is buy an ultrasonic gadget now.

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