The Tomato: 3 Lesser Known Facts

The tomato can be consumed around the world. They are popular in just about every backyard garden inside the United States. Tomatoes are available in numerous kinds some with the diameter of a quarter to as big as a softball. You would think we would know everything there is to know about this wonderful plant. This article will give you three facts you most likely did not know concerning our red and sometimes purple friends.

Fact One: Perhaps one of the world’s favored vegetables, tomatoes are not vegetables at all. The tomato is a fruit. When preparing food, tomatoes behave as vegetables. Botanically, the offspring of a flowering plant is a fruit. A few could even think of it as a berry. Perhaps we could call it a tomato-berry!

2. The tomato possesses a wonderful ingredient called Lycopene. It turns out that Lycopene is actually a cancer fighting antioxidant. In addition, tomatoes are fantastic sources of Vitamin C and Vitamin A. Have lots of tomatoes to fight away cancer and keep your vitamin A and C levels in a healthy range.

The third fact is who produces the most tomatoes in the world. In the United States, you will find tomatoes growing in almost all home gardens. The United States is second at the production of tomatoes. China is the biggest producer. Incredibly, there are over 140 million tons of tomatoes produced in the world. The third place producer is Turkey.

You now have some terrific trivia to make use of on your family and friends about the tomato. If these facts don’t wow you, you have to admit, a tomato is a terrible thing to waste. Now, the next time tomatoes come up in Trivial Pursuit, you will be ready!

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