The scarf – The Most Essential Accessory When It’s Cold

When you go outside in the cold winter weather then you think about certain accessories for winter weather. First of all which think is come in mind that is cold winter weather along with the scarfs. With a scarf you can really take your outfit to a different level, this is such an essential accessory giving you an original, interesting, and fun look. Though there are plenty of other ways to wear it with many knots and styles.

There are plenty of other ways to wear it with many knots and styles. Scarf is very essential accessory which giving you an original, attractive, and fashionable appear. In the winter you can wear a scarf around your neck or over your head that is perfect for you.

The ascot knot is fairly simple and most widely used. This is basically when you have the scarf around your neck and flip one side over the other towards the front, leaving both sides facing forward. The European loop is another standard way to tie your scarf. This is by putting the two ends of the scarf together and putting it around your neck, then the two ends are pulled through the loop which is made by the fold. This has a very nice and sophisticated look. These two are the most popular and widely used, they are also most effective in keeping the cold out around your neck.

If you are looking to protect your head as well as your neck from the cold then you need to do the Kelly Wrap. For this you will need either a triangular or a square scarf. If you have a square scarf fold it so it makes a triangle. Put the straight side over your head so it is even with your hairline. From there take the two corners and pull them under your chin and cross them. From there they need to be pulled back towards the back of the neck and tied. Make sure that they are on top of the centered corner in order to keep it out of view. This is a great alternative to a hat if you have a nice warm square or triangular scarf. It’s perfect for warming your head, neck as well as ears. Its also very fashionable.

Enjoy the winter with the perfect accessories. With just a couple of scarfs you will find that you can add onto just about any outfit. For each style and outfit there is a different tie option. Go on – experiment and have fun!

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