The real Truth About The Review on 2012 Survival Guide.

Are you not interested in finding out what is in store in the future? There have been many stories and theories being circulated about Doomsday, but not many of them are authenticated as they have been based on beliefs.

But there are a few which really have appealed to the world by the facts and figures they contain. One such theory is the impending doom in 2012. Your curiosity will definitely be kindled greatly by the powerful details presented about 2012 disaster in the eBook 2012 Survival Guide.

Written by Maxwell Swart, the book contains many explanations to substantiate its claim about the disaster looming large in 2012.

Ebook Highlights:
Causes of the Anticipated Disaster
Some of the reasons attributed to the 2012 disaster are:
* NASA has recently found out that due to the magnetic hurricanes in the sun which look like “sun spots”, electromagnetic tsunami that are more powerful than the tsunami that hit the world in 2004, will be destroying the earth.
* The 2012 Survival guide tells the reader that the earth will be hit by the solar tsunami repeatedly.
* The author quotes the example of how the solar system affected the telegraphic wires. The book cites the examples of various disasters that struck the earth after 2004 tsunami, such as Hurricane Katrina, mudslides in Philippines, Cyclone Nargis in Myanmar, and blizzards in China and Afghanistan.
* Apart from these, we have been witnessing global warming and starvation, resulting in deaths in large numbers, and failure of crops.
* The 2012 Survival guide goes on to point out that the December month of 2012 will be deadly. It also cautions people to get ready to face a worse disaster if nothing major has struck their country till date.

Ebook Highlights:
Preparations Made Worldwide
The book 2012 Survival guide points out that the governments all over the world are gearing up at a fast pace on how to survive 2012 catastrophe.
* It shows how the US government makes use of Vigilant Shield to accumulate all the resources to get ready for the crisis.
* A seed vault or a doomsday vault has been constructed on the island of Svalbard in Norway to meet the eventuality of all the plants being destroyed in the calamity.
* The Russian government is also making all efforts to safeguard people in case of the worst scenario and to teach the people on how to survive 2012 disaster.
* The book talks to people who can visualize what they are going to face and how to survive 2012 destruction even if the government does not come to the rescue in full swing on how to survive 2012.

Apart from the 2012 Survival guide, the author offers bonus books that also discuss at length about how to prepare for 2012 monetarily too.

The book lashes out at the US government for hiding most of the facts from its citizens about the impending solar storms and not guiding them properly on how to prepare for 2012 and avoid total collapse. The books also talk about extra terrestrials and shamans, which are a tad hard to believe.

Maxwell Swart claims to have made extensive studies about the looming disaster, analyzed the solutions on how to prepare for 2012 problem and come up with the necessary actions to be taken to protect from the storms.

Swart also offers 100% money back guarantee if claimed within 60 days and if you are not satisfied with the details on how to prepare for 2012 calamity.
All in all, you can buy the ebook if you are really interested in the end of the world and believe in the December 2012 calamity.

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