The Many Types Of Patterns For A Great Wedding Ring Quilt

Aspiration is an excellent thing, it’s what drives people to the lofty heights of greatness. If you are looking at making a wedding ring quilt, then you actually have aspiration. This sort of quilt is not something that you enter into gently. While it’s a pattern, it could be a troublesome one to get right the first time. As someone who admires ambition, I have put together a guide to help you with the pattern your next wedding themed quilt:

Diamond Pattern

This pattern has a deceptive name. While it does form the shapes of diamonds, there are no ring shapes that are actually outlined in this one. The effect is still wonderful, it is reminiscent of a kaleidoscope. The centre of the patterns usually have stars which join up to make the arms of other stars. This is a simpler design that’s got a complicated effect. This is a very interesting patter.

Double Pattern

The most commonly seen, and by accident one of the more complicated, patterns is the double wedding ring pattern. This is a stunning pattern where each ring has the perimeters of four rings overlapping. When put side-by-side, this pattern actually comes into its own, achieving a striking effect of a collection of easily interlocking rings across the quilt. It’s straightforward to understand why so many people select this design for a wedding ring quilt.

Drunkard’s Path Pattern

This is actually an fascinating pattern, one that’s not common among many wedding ring quilts. This is a floral design that uses different shapes to reach its effect. The layout of this design is basically a large square with a circle in the middle and a semi-circle on each one of the outside edges of the square. While straightforward to clarify and create, the final effect actually appears more complicated than it really is. This is a great design as it looks complex with a real ease of creation.

So there you have it, three different and unique designs to choose from, each with their own effects and levels of complexity. Now it should be simple to pick the best one for you.

Good Luck and Happy Quilting!

Jane Green likes a good wedding ring quilt, and she also lovers to write about them on her patchwork quilt website. So visit it now!

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