The Hottest Trends Of 2011 For Wholesale Sunglass Distributors To Follow

Fashion can be an ever-changing world of “hot or not,” and nowhere is that more accurate than with that barometer of cool (and eye-health necessity), sunglasses. As horned-rim granny glasses give way to modern wrap-arounds which in turn step aside when aviators appear, it can be hard (yet essential), for stores to stay informed about what the latest styles are during any given year. When you are determining which wholesale designer sunglasses to stock, the sheer number of options can be a bit overwhelming. Here then are some of the trends to look for this year.

Retro styles have been a constant presence for at least the past twenty years, and this year shouldn’t be any different. Kate Spade has a line of cat-eye shades that are straight from the Bette Davis era and have been selling like hotcakes, so the copycats are sure to follow. This year, however, the overwhelming trend seems to be for glasses that mimic those from the ’60s, specifically those with large, thick frames. These are the types of sunglasses that you might see your favorite characters sporting on the hit TV show Mad Men.

Teenagers are always looking for something beyond standard rectangular shades and flashy, gimmicky sunglasses such as those that glow in the dark seem to be a growing trend, as do shades with frames that sparkle and shimmer like the higher fashion styles they see on their superstar idols. Overall, fashion is a major concern for individuals of all ages, as it turns out that the top 100 bestsellers in wholesale sunglasses retail for over $150 a pair.

Of course, when it comes to sunglasses, fashion is only one of several considerations. With the fairly recent reports that use of sunglasses can go a long way in preserving eye health, many people are vigilant in ensuring that their glasses block out 100% of UV rays. Wholesale polarized sunglasses are thereby becoming more popular, due to their ability to reduce glare when driving or enjoying water sports.

There are some other trends to keep an eye out for, such as sunglasses developed around a social theme, such as pink for breast cancer awareness, and transition glasses (typically prescription) that can be worn both inside and out.

The world of sunglasses may seem a little complex, but by keeping an eye on the latest trends you can keep your customers happy, healthy, and looking good.

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