The History Of Solar electricity

With the existing energy increase costs many have been looking to alternative power sources. One of the finest energy sources ( our sun ) is usually available to take. We just need to be in a position to harness it’s power. For those interested, below is a short sum up of how solar energy came to be. The history of photovoltaic energy ( aka. Solar cells ) started back in 1876.

An electricity expert, Werner von Siemens, asserted the discovery was ‘scientifically of the most far reaching importance’. The selenium cells were not efficient, though it was showed that light, without heat or moving parts, may be altered into electricity. In 1953, Calvin Fuller, Gerald Pearson, and Daryl Chapin, discovered the silicon photovoltaic power cell.

The NY Times claimed this discovery was ‘the start of a new time, leading at last to the realization of using the just about limitless energy of the sun for the uses of civilization. ‘ The year is 1956, and the first photovoltaic power cells are available commercially. The price tag however is a long way from the reach of everyday folk. At $300 for an one watt solar power cell, the cost was miles beyond anyone’s means. 1956 started showing us the initial solar power cells utilized in toys and radios. These novelty items were the first item to have solar cells available to consumers.

In the early 1970′s a strategy to lower to cost of photovoltaic power cells was discovered. This brought the price down from $100 per watt to about $20 per watt. This analysis was fronted by Exxon. Most off-shore oil rigs exploited the photovoltaic power cells to power the fading lights on top of the rigs. They started showing up on railroad crossings, in remote places to power homes, Australia used solar power cells in their microwave towers to grow their telecommunication capacities. You will see solar powered vehicles. With the cost of photovoltaic power cells well inside everybody’s budget, solar power hasn’t looked so alluring. Lately advanced technology has given us screen made public photovoltaic cells, and a solar fabric that can be made use of to side a home, even solar shingles that install on our roofs.

World markets have opened up and solar cell makers are now playing a major role in the solar power industry.

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