The Cardinals Making A Comeback

The sport that is football has been proliferating in the United States. Many teams that are both privately and publicly funded take part in the National Football League. These various teams compete with each other to see who the best is for the season. From a suburb in Phoenix, Arizona, hails the Arizona Cardinals. The team is the oldest continuously run professional football team in the country. The rich history of the team is something to marvel at this means that the patrons of the Cardinals tickets go way back into the century.

The team was founded in 1898. They first started playing as a team based in Chicago. They stayed in the city of winds until moving to St Louis, Missouri in 1960. The team stayed in the Midwest until 1987. The team decided to leave Missouri because there is confusion with another Cardinals team. There is another Cardinals stationed at the city which is for baseball. The team played their first game in Arizona in the 1988 season. Currently the team is playing at the University of Phoenix Stadium since 2006. The Cardinal tickets are famous with the college students as well.

The high temperatures of Arizona is not enough of a hindrance to prevent fans from watching the games. They still continue to patronize the Cardinals tickets. The follow the team when they play in other states. The earliest to have the home opener of the team is on the third week of the season. This is because summer in Arizona is almost unbearable. The temperature would become more tolerable only by the third week of the season.

The home opener games of the team is more special when compared to other teams’. Their openers are often held during the Sunday or Monday night games. These are the most watched games in the league. Tickets to these games are more valuable and the hardest to come by. During Monday night games, only one game is played and everyone is tuned in to watch.

These past seasons, the team has been making improvements in their game plays. The move to a better stadium in 2006 was also a step to better the team. In the coming seasons, expect the team to rise from the ashes and triumph over the other teams in the NFL.

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