The Applications Of Portable Shelters

A portable shelter is a building that is covered with a tension and is supported by a structural framework that is made of metal. As a result of the fact that they are very easy to construct by people who don’t have any construction experience and they are extremely affordable and adaptable. One of the advantages of a portable shelter is that they only cost a small part of what a traditional vinyl sided, metal, brick, or wood would cost. Although they are relatively inexpensive, a portable shelter will usually provide protection for as much as twenty years before replacement is necessary.

There are numerous applications for a portable shelter although in most cases they are actually classified as a temporary structure. Portable shelters come in numerous different sizes. One of the primary concerns that you should have if you are considering one of these portable shelters is the size of the door opening. The smaller portable shelters that are somewhere between 8ft. to 10ft. wide can be used to store tools, lawn mowers, ATV’s, lumber, snowmobiles, motorcycles, garden tools, toys, bicycles, and patio furniture.

Many people will place the portable shelter close to their house, in their backyard, or in their garden.
The most commonly size of portable shelter that is used to store small equipment, campers, trailers, boats, trucks, and automobiles is somewhere between 12ft. and 14ft. Remember that it is very to ensure the requirements of the door opening. Because they are used to store equipment and vehicles the intermediate sized portable shelter are usually placed on concrete or gravel or concrete. If the portable shelter is placed on dirt the equipment or vehicles may be more difficult to move.

There are numerous uses for portable shelter that are larger than 14ft. wide. These portable shelters usually provide easier clearance because they have taller door openings. Frequently they have door widths that exceed 10ft. As a result of this they are frequently used to store travel trailers, campers 5th wheelers, and RVs. You should always consider the height of the air conditioner of the door opening in the portable shelter when you are storing an RV.

You can store two or more vehicles in a portable shelter that is larger. The portable shelters that are in excess of 30ft. wide can be used for many applications such as agricultural use. They can be used to store trucks, tractors, and hay. There are many communities that use them to store salt and sand in the wintertime. The larger portable shelters are usually mounted on a concrete foundation, blocks, posts, or wood. This reduces the chanced of damaging the portable shelter and provides for much better mounting.

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