Temporary Tattoos – Experimental Tattoos

If you want to get a tattoo but are not quite sure which one to select, what colour, or location then temporary tattoos are for you. These are not those cheap tattoos that peel off in a day and don’t look even remotely real. These are professional looking tattoos that are as close to the real thing as you can get without actually getting inked. You can get a pretty good idea of what the real thing would look like with this type of tattoo. It will last about a week and then you can start over with another temporary design until you find exactly the one you have been looking for. You can’t afford to get a permanent tattoo without first doing a trial run with a temporary version.

Temporary tattoos allow you to test out several tattoo designs. You can make a selection from a stencil that is readily available or you can try to make your own design. Available stencils include several types of Chinese characters and Chinese zodiac symbols. You can also try out Celtic designs. Tribal designs are also quite popular. In addition there are a large selection of flowers, hearts, skulls, zodiac, and other commonly loved tattoo designs.

The size is another thing you will want to experiment with on your temporary tattoo. Stencils are available in small sizes that are just a few centimetres that work well for hands, feet, top of shoulders, top of bikini line, top of shorts line, or to one side of the chest.
Medium sized tattoos are several centimetres usually and are most appropriate for the centre of the lower back, forearm, top or middle of shoulder, or the chest. Large designs may cover the entire back, the top of the back, or the lower back, the chest and torso is also a popular location for large tattoos.

Temporary tattoos use temporary spray on ink. It comes in many different colours. Body glue and glitter are also available for a unique tattoo design. UV sprays only show up under UV lights so this is a tattoo that comes to life when the party does but keeps quiet the rest of the time.

The spray on ink is specifically designed for use on the skin. It is not just car or vinyl sign paint. It is specifically developed for temp tattoos. You can even order a party pack that will allow you to have some fun experimenting.

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