Team Fortress 2 Support Classes On Gaming Servers

Probably the most significant class in Team Fortress 2 is the support classes. Supporting the scouts, you’ll find this class all over the map. Your support class will also keep the heavy man going.

One thing TF2 does have that Counterstrike Source game servers don’t have, is the medic. The medics main weapon is the syringe launcher. Just as powerful, the medi gun is his secondary. As his melee weapon, he has the bone saw.

The main responsibility of the medic on Team Fortress 2 game servers is to heal. You will therefore find any good medic right on the front line, supporting the scouts and soldiers. Their job is in healing their fellow comrades but also trying to stay out of the firing line as much as possible. His weapons mediocre, so the medic should stick to healing and use his weapons as a last resort. Focusing the medi gun on an ally, the player can get an addition bonus of up to 150% of his normal health. However, the friend’s health will return back to normal as soon as the medic stops healing. The medic and his ally will be made invulnerable for 10 seconds once an ‘over charge’ is achieved. Think how effective this is for a heavy when he can attack an enemy base for a prolonged period. If you like helping your friends on Team Fortress 2 servers, then the medic is for you.

It will come as no surprise that the sniper’s main weapon is the sniper rifle. His secondary weapon is the sub machine gun. For melee, he uses a machete. The sniper will take you out from long range if you stay still for too long. If you like hanging back and picking off targets from distance, you’ll enjoy the sniper class. Finding the best spot where you are protected, but with good view is key to success with the sniper. Once you have found your little hidey-hole the sniper can pick off targets like the heavy with ease. The sniper is also effective for taking out the medic that is supporting the heavy. Once you’ve taken out the medic, it will allow your team to progress much quicker. The longer you stay scoped in on your target the more powerful the shot is. This is indicated by an expanding laser scope. Don’t however expect to take out targets at short range with the sniper.

Using a cloak to blend and disguise himself, the spy is a little like James Bond on Team Fortress 2 servers. He can take out his enemies in one movement with the butterfly knife. The butterfly knife allows him to take out enemies in one quick swoop. Be warned though, it’s not instant and if they move out of range then you might have just been rumbled. Your disguise will be revealed if you use anything other than the sapper. This is used to attach to engineers buildings which disables it and then slowly saps its health until it’s destroyed. The engineer can remove the sapper with a tap of his wrench, so make sure you take him out next. If you can see a spy’s disguise that means he is friendly. If you fancy yourself as James Bond, the spy is worth a look.

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