String Muting, an Indispensable Lead Guitar Technique

String muting is technique that can help you define your own personal style. Muting will also help you to create cleaner, more professional sounding guitar chords and solos be removing unwanted sounds from your guitar.

There are two varieties of string muting, the palm mute with your picking hand and also the string mute with your fret hand. They serve very different purposes, but both are important to great guitar playing.

Fret-hand muting is especially crucial when playing chords and power chords. The purpose is to use a section of you finger tips and fingers to mute the strings you don’t wish to include in the chord being played. As an example the C major chord is played from the 5th string to the first, but you aren’t supposed to hit the sixth string. I use the tip of my third finger that’s holding down the fifth string third fret to rub up against the sixth string thereby muting the string. I use this very same method as well with power chords, but in addition I use the fat part of my index finger to lightly place on strings 1,2,three. With just enough pressure to mute the strings. The beauty is if you get a little wild with your pick it still sounds good. Fret-hand muting is utilized extensively.

Palm muting is much more commonly utilised in distorted rock songs. The method involves sitting the heel of your pick-hand palm over the strings as you pick. A lot of people rest it directly over the bridge, but it is possible to experiment with various positions for various sounds. Also attempt various levels of pressure to manage the level of muting. This technique creates a percussive, muffled or chunky sound. Combine fast down strokes with palm muting in various patterns with moderate distortion for sounds similar to Metallica or other metal bands.

With lead guitar playing at times it may be neccesary to even further mute the fretboard. An easy way to achieve this is to simply affix a hairband around the neck of the guitar close to the nut. Be certain to have the hairband tight enough to muffle the open strings, yet not too restricted as to press the strings down onto the 1st fret. This simple tip may help “shred” style lead guitar players clean up their sound by simply muffling nuisance open strings.

Together fret hand muting and palm muting are really individual and stylistic methods. Integrate practicing this technique every time you pick up your guitar and before long you’ll get good at this essential skill.

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