Start Approaching Women By Reading This

You are having trouble with approaching women and you want to motivate yourself? Well, I have two solutions for you. One is positive reinforcement and the other is negative reinforcement. Here is how they work.

What are habits? Habits are something we humans do as a result of biological hard wiring. We cannot control it as much as we think we can. Ask yourself, are your thoughts different from yesterday and three days ago? No, they are likely to be similar or completely the same. That is how powerful habits are. We are going to use habits to approach women. It takes more than 21 days to create a new habit. Just to be sure, we are going to round it up at 30 days in this case. Thirty days of approaching women.

The first solution involves positive reinforcement. You will be approaching women for thirty days and you will get a reward for it. If you fail, you will not get the reward. You decide how many women you are going to have to approach. And decide on the reward too. What would you like to get for that accomplishment? It can be a short trip somewhere or some cool gadget. To make this commitment stronger, you will have to tell this to a friend. They will keep you accountable and make sure that you stay truthful to yourself. Just think of the reward…

Fear always works best! That is why this motivation is going to be negative. You will have to approach a certain number of women a day or you will have to lose something valuable. Give your friend some money up front. If you don’t have money, give them something else that you wouldn’t want to lose. That way, they keep you accountable. If you fail, they keep it.

Enjoy the journey!

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