Southeast Florida Vacation Villas on the Beach

Southeast Florida is defined as the strip of land between the Atlantic Ocean, the Everglades and Miami. Also called the Gold Coast, the key cities in the region include Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach, Boca Raton and West Palm Beach. The climate in Southeast Florida is categorized as tropical monsoon, although the mean temperature never falls below 64F. The months spanning from November to March are the most cool and the hot months are from May to October.

The state of Florida is generally known for three things: citrus fruit, world class golf courses and vast beaches. Travelers from all over North America make their way to the Florida coast each year to take in the heat of the summer sun and enjoy the natural elements of the region. Some arrive in their recreation vehicles, choosing to set up house wherever it is permitted and stay for as long as they desire. Others book themselves a few days in a hotel and make a hurried effort to see all the sites before having to leave. Another growing trend emerging over the last few years is actually a throwback to the vacationing habits of wealthy families of the Middle Ages: the vacation rental.

During the time of the infamous King Henry the VIII, his father and his offspring, it was not uncommon for the royal court to go on progress during the summer months. The court would visit houses of nobility and often stay for several weeks at a time. The reason behind the royal progress was to avoid the inevitable outbreak of the plague in London, but the practice set a precedent.

Today, the notion of removing oneself from the city for several weeks during the summer has become a popular response to global travel changes. When the American economy collapsed in 2007, families sought more cost effective ways to vacation. Other families were more focused on planning their trips within the borders of the US, while still providing an enjoyable venue with lots of activities.

Thus, the vacation home became popular, particularly those close to a body of water. There are two basic kinds of vacation rentals. There is of the rustic lake house in which canoeing, fishing, swimming, campfires and ghost stories are all a part of; and the rental for those who want a more luxurious vacation.

Those who choose the beachfront villa envision a comfortable, well cared for home situated on a picturesque sandy beach with little noise from other homes and the opportunity to just sit and enjoy. Happily, lake houses are available all over North America. But only in Southeast Florida can one find lavish villas set to overlook the iconic white sand beaches of the panhandle state.

Choosing to spend your vacation in a beach rental is an exciting prospect. Depending on the individual arrangements, your family can enjoy all the amenities and natural elements offered by the environment without having to pay extra for them. For example, in a hotel one pays for the accommodation, the meals, the parking and don’t forget gratuities every time a staff member assists you. In a vacation rental you pay a previously agreed upon amount and organize your own meals.

Often there is a private pool or hot tub. Most detached villas will have lots of parking. Plus, many vacation rental homes allow the family dog! What most families like about the vacation villa is the privacy. Tenants can come and go as they please without having to check in with anyone. Children can be loud without disturbing parties in an adjacent room, and there is the opportunity to make the space feel like home.

Summer is approaching quickly, and many families are beginning to weigh the vacation options and book time off from work. Before making your usual booking to the rustic cabin, consider a different kind of vacation. A Florida vacation rental on the beach offers fun activities for the kids, and a relaxing environment for the adults too.

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