Sinus Medicine – Contaminants and Responses

Many things can annoy the sinuses and trigger excessive quantities of mucus. For instance:

An allergic response to things such as: 1)House and outdoor dust two)Pollens three)Smog four)Home and work place chemical substances five)Animal dander six)Viruses 7)Bacteria

The nasal and sinus membranes produce the extra mucus with the intention to wash off the intruding irritant. But sometimes this reaction is accompanied by a swelling of the sinus membranes, thereby blocking the ostia–the small openings at the end of the sinus cavities which permit the mucus to drain into the nasal cavity.

When this happens strain begins to construct up in the sinus cavity. Unless drained within a day or two the mucus can infect and a sinus infection simply develop. Yellow mucus could then trail right behind. The best strategies to handle that undesirable sequence of events is to nip it in the bud. This is what I mean:

On the first sign of an allergic response stay away from the supply of the allergen. In case you cannot, then: 1)Drink as much water as possible to keep the mucus as thin and flowing two)Take additional vitamin C might help reduce an allergic reaction 3)Take an antihistamine remembering that they will make you drowsy

After you’ve eliminated your self from the allergen source area drink extra water to help mucus drain. If the response lingers on do some or all three things talked about above. Rest, chill out as much as possible.

If stress cannot be handled at the very onset you possibly can still do the protocol under item 1 except, probably, taking antihistamine, if pressure has built up. I might, as an alternative, do sinus acupressure to empty the sinuses. Normally the latter process can have the sinus cleared in a couple of minutes–with out drug medicine and their aspect effects.

There are over the counter medications which may drain the sinuses, however again you’ll practically all the time have some uncomfortable side effects and the price of the medication can be expensive.

To find out more about Sinus Remedy check out:

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