Seven Custom Made Items As Wedding Giveaways

Are you thinking of a customized gift that you can deliver to your guest at your wedding reception? Leaving it to your wedding planner is not always satisfactory. You should know that it is your wedding day and you consistently have a word on the things that should be done and should be distributed in the name your wedding day. One of the things that you should be involved in is the selection of custom materials that will be dispersed as gifts. There is a wide range of items that you can fix on. On the other hand, tremendous number of materials might cause a stir you so I have elected the top seven wedding gifts that can make your wedding day even more unmatched. Aside from the common custom magnetic picture frames, what other items made it to the list?

7. Decanters

Decanter are produced out of glass and generally used to hold wines and even cocktail drinks. It comes in a chic look that makes it an attractive and the excellent giveaway for weddings and other occasions.

6. Wine Flutes

If you have decanters, you should eternally have a set of wine flute where you can drink ice cold vintage.

5. Picture Frame Magnets

A logo printed picture frame magnet is one good way to preserve the memories of a wedding. This can be fixed with steals and photos that are taken of the wedding reception and the wedding itself.

4. Photo Cube

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A photo cube is a set of custom logo picture frame assembled as a cube. It can contain four to six photos depending on your preference. A photo cube will allow you to place more photographs if you don’t want to choose only one.

3. Scented Candles

This can be pegged in altars and even lit during honeymoons and some sensual encounters. This can also work if you would like to hand your guest a relaxing good night sleep. You can unceasingly check the significance of aroma therapy in Google.

2. Pillows

This is a symbolic souvenir that can symbolize the union of your souls. You can always grant it to your guest and they will certainly remember that momentous wedding that you had.

1. Slippers

This is the perfect custom logo products that you can disseminate in a beach wedding. You can also have a little gimmick on this by handing its half as an invitation and the other half as the memorabilia. Truly, it is a souvenir and invitation in one.

These are the highly proposed promotional products that you can give away in your wedding. Ask you wedding planning in the inclusion of one of these products or products that you have in mind.

Xander Dos Santos is a marketing writer and loves blogging, eating and playing the guitar. Check logo condoms and promotional products to learn more about promotional products and visit my Twitter page at

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