Resist Your Assailant Utilizing The power of The Taser M26C

With the different crimes that are happening in our neighborhood, I was afraid for the safety of my family. Many who are living in the community have opted to buy guns to use as protection and encouraged my wife and I to get one as well. The thing is I was not so certain that a gun would solve our problems.

We had our children at the house so a gun really did not seem appropriate. This was when I went on the Internet to discover what I can use as protection for my home and family. I encountered different kinds of civilian Tasers and decided that these were a lot more appropriate than getting guns.

Since Tasers are non-lethal weapons, I felt a lot safer with these self-defense devices. No lifelong damage will be caused to those that get hit with this device. At least, I know that with this non-lethal weapon, the aggressor will be debilitated for a couple of minutes so that we will have time to run and get help.

Upon checking out the many civilian Tasers online, I was amazed with the Taser M26C. It had the strength of 50,000 volts that will incapacitate the attacker instantly. Plus, it had the ability to provide far-range and close-range defense using two probes linked to 15 feet of wires.

Using the Taser seemed easy enough especially since I just had to direct the device to the attacker and click the switch until the target falls to the ground. So that I can shoot well even when it is dark, the laser sight feature is a great advantage.

Civilian Tasers utilize electro-muscular disruption technology, which is used in the Taser M26C as well. This technology can incapacitate anyone, even those with a high tolerance to pain, because of the electric shock combined with stun gun technology. In addition, it has a 100% take down capability that will definitely keep us protected.

When matched with a 9-mm. handgun, police studies show that Tasers have a higher rate of incapacitating someone. With all these features, many have found this to be a popular choice particularly for use among security personnel. There is no doubt that criminals will run off especially when they see this device that looks just like a firearm.

Among the various civilian Tasers that I saw on the Internet, I was happy with my choice of the Taser M26C. I can now sleep better at night knowing that I can defend my entire family in case anyone tries to break into our home. There are some areas that ban the use of Tasers so make sure to find out the laws before buying one.

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