Recipes For Better Tasting Rice

Have you got bored by having that very same old rice? Here are some interesting recipes for rice that will add to the fun and savour of your daily meals. Try these to smash the monotony.

Boiled rice is among the most used and the most straightforward paths to cook rice. However, you might go a slightly different route by boiling it the japanese style. The initial step is to wash the rice over and over again and soak it over the night in water. Next morning, drain the water and boil the rice. Have equal proportions of rice and water. The best proportion is one pint rice to one pint of water.

Take a stew pan with a lid to boil water. Once it starts boiling, add rice, stir rice and close the lid properly. You will take around twenty minutes to cook these rice but ensure the lid is closed firmly. You can serve these rice with curries, veg or potatoes. It is advised to use best quality rice here to have the desired texture and taste.

Does rice with oranges sound convincing? Yes, naturally it does! Wash the rice nicely and steam them. Add oranges while the rice are still cooking together with some sugar. You might even add honey in the place of sugar, if you’d like. But do be sure to remove the white skin and seeds off the oranges before you add them.

When you serve the rice, make sure that you serve orange in every saucer. This recipe is totally simple but the challenge lies in choosing the proper rice. Not each type of rice will work well for this recipe. So, you want to make sure that you are picking finely processed rice for this one else your dish will fail to mollify the tastes.

Who announces you want to cook rice in water? You can cook it in milk too. Rice cooked in milk can make for a good pudding. First off soak the rice in water. Ideally, you want One cups of water to soak 1 cup of rice. Now boil some milk and drain away the water from the rice. Add the soaked rice to the milk and keep stirring, for an hour. Then, add some sugar together with finely chopped nuts and raisins. You could serve this dish piping hot or keep it in the fridge for some considerable time and serve cold. Basmati rice works best for this recipe.

Try these mouth-watering dishes to relish rice in other ways!

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