Produce Your Custom Printed Photo Cube In 3 Not Troublesome Steps

If you are not appeased with how a single picture frame stores your snaps, you can try other options that give you the chance to post four to six images all at the same time. How would that be possible? Through the cooperation of a custom photo cube, you can now get their hands on your favorite snapshots displayed all at the same time. Aside from placing it on your desk or on any table at home, you can do a little tweaking on it be hanging it like a chime. Surely, custom photo cube plus a little imagination equals far-out personalized product.

Yes, you read that right. These goods can also be used as custom printed material. Promotional photo cubes can attract the general public especially in trade expos. It can also be perfect giveaway that will draw a smile on the faces of your loved one. Give it in some unprecedented private happenings like birthdays, themed parties and class reunions. You can order this gift on some craft stores or in some manufacturers that you can trace in the internet. Nevertheless, if you want your personal touch to it, you can just design your own.

Materials Needed:

Six Square Acrylic Photo Frames Four to Six Photos Glue Glue Gun Decorative Materials

Step One. Resize your images. You can trim the edges of your favorite photos to fit them in to the frames. Place each one inside the acrylic frames. The purpose of trimming the photos is to avoid it from creeping on the edges of the frames.

Step Two. Make a cube of the six photo frames. Using the hot glue, connect each side to one another to devise a cube. You can avail of cardboard or acrylic tile to fill in the bottom and the top portion of the cube since you wouldn’t place any picture on it.

Step Three. Finish your very own corporate logo photo cube with some decorative merchandise like beads, ribbons and glitters. This will present your photo cube a nice personal touch.

If you have other ideas in mind, you can bring it on your promotional photo cube. You can make it like a wind chime or just a simple display on your office desk. You can also infuse it with other office commodities like a clock. This will doubtlessly be wonderful gift especially to your loved ones.

Neela Vazzana is a corporate giveaways expert on Promotional Photo Cubes & Custom Printed Binder Clips. See posts by Neela Vazzana on how you can create social awareness.

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