Prevent Formaldehyde Poisoning

Nowadays, wherever you go, you learn about the life-threatening risks of carbon monoxide poisoning and natural gas poisoning, however another kind of gas compound which is obviously present in numerous goods, since the material is cheap, also poses a grave threat to one’s body. It is a chemical known as formaldehyde. In fact, as I’ve gotten deeper in my study, I discovered that more goods have this hazardous chemical as one of its ingredients. We have gotten rid of a lot of items in and around the house since we have learned about the hazards of formaldehyde treated products.

Make-up is one product that can bare your skin to formaldehyde. Formaldehyde may be expulsed once you put on your clothes. Formaldehyde may also be present in your shampoo. Industrial materials, medicines to name a few, compost, domestic products, formalin, paints, furniture and house furnishings are among the many things that contains formaldehyde. Likewise, burning natural gases, fuels, charcoals, wood or tobacco also results to formaldehyde fumes. Formaldehyde comprise one third of its overall utilization, with its chief application in products made of wood, such as particleboards and fiberboards. When the product is fresh from the factory, formaldehyde discharge is at its peak but will drop as time passes by.

Formaldehyde is an organic compound in gaseous form. Its toxicity makes it a health risk substance and can cause cancer. Few of its symptoms are lightheadedness, nausea, constant weariness, rashes and hives. Some of the more serious symptoms are difficulty breathing, heart palpitations, ear infections, memory loss, depression, sleeplessness, aching joints and muscles, migraines, trouble focusing and weakness, and in the most serious of cases, cancer.

Formaldehyde is big business, having a 100-year history of existence. In 1998, in America, the production of formaldehyde was 11.3 billion pounds and in 2004, soared to a whopping 46 billion pounds and is on the increase. As expected, formaldehyde in consumer products were not prohibited due to its huge coverage in the industry. However, in 1985, Minnesota does regulate the sale of wood products, requiring that a warning label be attached to certain construction materials using urea formaldehyde.

Lately, a black leather bag that we purchased reeked with formaldehyde (strong smell similar to a pickle), therefore we disposed of it. If you think that there are things in your possession that may have formaldehyde in it, immediately throw it away. That is the most effective way to keep yourself from getting exposed to it. Since particle boards also contain formaldehyde, do not put any of it that are uncovered in your sleeping quarters. More further, to avoid formaldehyde poisoning, limit yourself from getting contact or baring yourself in areas contaminated by formaldehyde. You can set up an alarm system that can monitor the quality of air inside your home. Since formaldehyde is a gaseous substance, which are emitted by construction materials or released by burnt materials, the alarm will be able to sense its presence as it enters the house, which is typical for mobile or pre-engineered homes. Make sure that you have access to clean fresh air so check your air ventilations.

Be safe. Use your intelligence in a rational way. Take the required precautionary actions in your home to ensure the safety of the whole family.

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