Pop Up Displays, Are An Ideal Choice For Trade Shows

If your company has not exhibited at trade shows before, choosing a pop up displays stand will stand you in good stead as you will get a great looking stand without breaking the bank. Another advantage is that these stands are very easy to use, lightweight and portable. It will be easy for one person to set up your stand for you, especially as the wheeled trolley case can be transported to the show in an ordinary car and wheeled to the stand site for set up.

Another great bonus with pop us displays is that you can change the look of your stand quickly and easily by updating your graphics. In many cases, you might only want to change one or both of the outer panels in order to present your company images in the central section and your Exhibition special offers as ‘attention grabbers’ on the outer panels. This avoids the need for several pop up displays and makes the stand even more cost effective.

Should you find yourself in the happy position where show organisers have offered you a bigger stand space as a special deal or because they have space to fill nearing ‘show-time’, you will be able to supplement your pop up displays stand with other pull up banners which are very cost-effective and can create a real impact with your advertising message. Roller Banner Stands often have a removable cartridge containing the banner or graphic panel and this enables these to be changed very easily for a completely different look.

However good your Pop up Stand is, if you do not do your homework properly and choose the wrong Exhibition or Trade Show for your company, it will probably turn out to be a very expensive error. Getting the planning and research right so that you know that you are exhibiting where a large proportion of the visitors fit your profile for your target market will pay dividends.

If you are able to start your planning the previous year, this is the ideal situation to be in. This enables you to visit the actual show you are planning on taking a stand at in the following year. As a visitor, you will be able to make a much better assessment of the show than anything you read about the show in journals, the press or online.

If you are not able to plan ahead for a show and cannot visit the previous year as is ideal, the show organisers will supply you with visitor statistics, broken down into visitor type, the sort of level they are within their organisation (are they shop floor staff on a day out, or are they senior decision makers from your target market?).

For more information on using trade show displays, X banner stands and tips for trade show success, visit Pop Up Displays Guide today.

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