Poly Bags – Gone Wild

Plastics are one of the best materials mankind ever seen. But the same importance may be given for its aggressive attack on mankind. It is difficult to handle as the material is not fine to degrade, it takes about 300 years to photo degradation. They break down into small toxic particles that contaminate soil and waterways and the food chain. If animals accidentally eat it the body system cease to function leading to complete break down and fall. Thus, most of the straying animals become preys to the human’s indiscriminate activity on nature. Plastic clogs the intestines and cause slow starvation. Others were caught in plastic bags and drown.

How can we cope with this threatening situation? Any other alternative to plastic bags will help the earth from this difficult situation? Do you know that while plastics are manufactured millions of gallon of oil is used up in addition to our need to drive our vehicles every day? This adds to the severity of dearth of fuel resulting in the depletion of fuel from the face of the earth.

Are the paper carrier bags an alternative to plastic bags? The answer is definitely no. But there may be someone who will strongly oppose it because when the paper bag is used as an alternative to plastic bags. But what about the trees cut down each year for paper bags?

We can live without plastic bags or paper carry bags. Any materials that can reuse are the good option. After every use it must not be discarded. At the same time, it should not harm the environment in any way. Billions of plastic bags are consumed worldwide every minute, and the surroundings are filled with this stuff causing heavy degenerating problems to the surroundings that pose a severe threat to our health.

Even though some experimental stage to dispose of plastics is under way we cannot get the benefit of disposing it in the near future. So the only way to solve this problem is to use it at minimum possible level, and try to reuse it if possible until a solution to this great calamity make its appearance.

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