Paradise Is Not As Far Away As You Think

There are several different areas that offer us great beaches and a toasty climate. But a lot of these, like Hawaii, the Caribbean or even Puerto Rico are merely too expensive of a location to be sensible in these days of economic hardship.

The good news is that, even if you are not in the possession of enough money to make it to Fuji or Hawaii, there are plenty of fantastic spots on the west coast that will not only whet your appetite for sand, sun and surf, but won’t leave you feeling broke. California is a state that hosts a lot of the weather and vistas that a lot of us desire all while keeping the comforts of a mainland state. Because of its ideal position, there are several cities around here that do not disappoint when it comes to a fantastic beach experience with all of the sights and attractions.

Check out San Diego for example. A great American city with all the delightful coastline that allows visitors to engage in water activities and delve into beach culture within the country, and more importantly, within a middle class wage earner’s budget. You get the tropical paradise setting of Hawaii, or the party on the shore experience of Ibiza, without flying halfway across the world. San Diego is home not only to the great beaches but also to many other entertainment parks and establishments. Make sure to check out Balboa Park or perhaps thrills of Belmont amusement park. See the wildlife in San Diego Zoo and San Diego Wild Animal Park or pay a visit to the famous Sea World in San Diego. There are a lot of things to do here in a widely varied mix of activities you wouldn’t find in a typical beach setting. Imagine, you get the beach experience that many seek out while still having access to other forms of entertainment all in one place.

When vacationing here and you find yourself in the San Diego area, please remember that there are numerous picks and many different ways you can go with where to stay, which include hotels, chain motels, bed and breakfasts as well as beautiful Bluegreen corporation resort options. Because of the considerable and steady tourist population in the area, there is no shortage in great hotels and other options that can cover many different budgets or preferences.

At the end of the day, no one needs to sacrifice the time off work that we all need to spend time with the family in a location that is conducive to fun. Of course, this is true as long as we prepare for our trips right and early. There are always things that anyone can do on a tight budget and Southern California offers many world class amenities and sights.

Lillian McDonald is an adventure and amusement author with an emphasis in Bluegreen resorts and Bluegreen holidays at majestic destination points across the world. You can contact with the Bluegreen resorts corporation for information regarding the top vacation accommodations in the universe at

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