Parade Of Homes To generate Real Estate Leads

Almost all states or major cities host an annual Parade of Homes. These events are typically designed to showcase the ability of local builders and decorators, although some events likewise feature established, older homes. To find out more about how you can make use of a Parade of Homes event to advertise your business and build real leads, continue reading.

Advertising and Sponsorship Opportunities Parade of Homes provide great sponsorship and advertising opportunities that can get your business name and logo out in front of a large number of potential home buyers. Because most people attending a Parade of Homes event are those interested in houses, you’re already targeting your marketing.

Look for sponsorship opportunities like logo placement on the tickets, signage at the properties or your advertisement on the map and brochure.

Have a Property Featured If your local Parade of Homes concentrates on already established homes and not new builds, then consider having one of your own listing properties featured in the Parade. Most Parade of Homes seek out properties which exemplify luxury and style, so focus on a listing which meets those requirements.

Meet the Curious Most of the attendees at a Parade of Homes are curious members of the public who’re searching for decorating ideas, wish to see what new builders’ innovations are out there or are simply interested in housing. This can be a fantastic opportunity to meet those people, even if it is simply through milling about and starting light conversations. Thus, during your local Parade of Homes, take a day or two to hang out at some of the houses. While you should not be giving anybody a hard sales push, you need to at least keep a few business cards in your pocket.

Network with Builders and Industry Professionals Parade of Homes events likewise bring in numerous builders and industry professionals, especially those associated with the building of the properties. Take this unique opportunity to meet with and greet these builders and contractors. Remember, a contractor or building professional is generally the first person to know about an approaching real estate decision. Thus, setting up a referral trade agreement with a popular contractor could be a fantastic way to build your business. It is easy to build and generate leads at a Local Parade of Homes’ events. Simply focus on the advertising opportunities, list a featured property, meet the attendees and take the opportunity to network with industry professionals while you have their attention.

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