Paintball Bunkers: Making a Homemade Field

When you have a game of paintball you will want to make sure that you win, and the entire point of the game is to evade and attack your opponents. You will play paintball in teams and this means that you can work together as a team to win, or you can go at it alone. Part of winning is not getting hit with a paintball, so you should make use of the paintball bunkers.

These are there to make sure the game goes on for a longer time and so that it is not boring. Just image you had not bunkers to hide behind. This would make the game very dull and short lived. You have to hide and attack from the bunkers. They provide you with protection and support when you are shooting your opponents.

Now, you could try to play a game of paintball without any bunkers, but that will just be a few people standing in front of each other shooting one another with paintballs – it does not make for a very entertaining game of paintball.

While most games are done at a venue where you have ready built large bunkers to hide behind, you can also get a private game going if you purchase all the equipment that you need including the gear, goggles, paint balls and the paintball bunkers.

If your combat zone is too small, it is not all that fun either, so if you have a big back yard where you can run and hide, then go right ahead and set up your paintball bunkers and get ready for combat.

Remember, balance is key in making a paintball field. Try to make both sides balanced and leave no advantages for one side. You can either make your field symmetrical – both sides are exactly the same, or you can make it assymetrical – both sides are different. Whichever option you go with be sure to balance each side.

Bottom line is, every field needs good paintball bunkers to be complete. You can either learn how to make paintball bunkers, or find some paintball bunkers for cheap.

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