Online Dating Scams Against Women – How To Spot Posers

Due to the popularity of internet dating, there have been many incident reports about online dating scams. It is true that you can find love on the Internet. There are hundreds of people who have become successful in their dating venture through dating websites. So, if you are thinking of joining a dating service, you need to be aware of what you are getting yourself into.

There are a lot of people on the Internet who would scam you. But this doesn’t mean that there aren’t any good guys out there. You just have to be vigilant when it comes to meeting men on the net. The intention of scammers is to deceive you so they can get your money. So, don’t fall prey to their schemes. Here are some ways on how to spot a real person from a bogus one.

Examine the personal profile closely. Check for any inconsistencies with what they write versus what they say. You can easily and quickly identify if the person you’re chatting is sincere or not. Make sure what he’s saying corresponds to what is showing on his profile.

If you happen to exchange emails with someone you met online, observe their messages. Take note of the way they construct their sentences. If it varies, most probably there are several people who use that account or profile name. This is one of the most common online dating scams.

Don’t be fooled by sad tales. It usually takes some time before you really open up to someone you’ve just met. Be it online or offline. So, it should send a red flag if someone immediately confides in you about personal stuff. This is one of the methods scammers use to get you to sympathize.

Ask basic personal details about him like his occupation, etc. If the guy is a scammer, he would definitely fabricate a fake story. You can easily identify an unrealistic story since there are no solid facts to back it up. If you attempt to inquire about what his job involves, there are two things that could happen. Either he would give you a vague answer, or he would change the subject. The latter is the most often response you would get.

People who are only after your money will, well, eventually ask for money. These people use online dating to get your trust and take advantage of it. They will get you hooked on them thinking that they’re decent people who could be “the one”. They will ask you to send them money so they could travel and visit you. And the moment you send them the money, you will hear excuses from them. They might say that they got robbed, or that something came up and they used the money. Again, they will ask for money from you and then dissapear. Be careful not to be deceived.

Online dating scams are rampant these days. Start being vigilant when the subject of money starts to enter your conversation. If the person is really sincere, rarely will he ask money from you. If he wants to see you, he’ll make it happen without asking for a dime out of your pocket.

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