No Spare Time to Wait for Spare Parts

When you need a forklift to do your heavy lifting, you need one right away. There is no spare time to wait around for spare parts that could take days to ship. That is why South Coast Forklifts is available for service anywhere throughout Australia. They service all brands, makes and model of forklifts either on site at your workplace or in their warehouse workshop where everything that could possibly be needed to fix your forklift is at hand. If forklift spare parts are what you are looking for, South Coast Forklifts will deliver to anywhere within Australia and Oceania. Hard to find parts for any make or model of forklift are not a problem, they will find it for you and give you a reasonable price quote for the spare parts you seek.

The South Coast Forklifts Company is amazing. If your forklift is old, worn out or you just feel that it is time for another, they can offer you a free broker service that will help you to find a used forklift that will suit your needs. They have trusted reputable dealers that they go through to buy their forklifts for a decent price. That way, even those on a budget can still purchase a forklift if they need.

If purchasing a forklift is not feasible for you because you would use it so infrequently, South Coast Forklifts also offers forklifts for hire. Whether you need a forklift for a couple of hours, or a century, you can rent it. If you have a forklift but nobody available to drive it, you can even rent a forklift driver for as long as you need him.

South Coast Forklifts knows that safety and maintenance is very important in keeping your forklift running at optimum precision. That is why they will come and inspect your forklifts for you for damages, repairs needing to be done, and general upkeep. They can come to you if you need them to which, will save you money on transportation costs. Unless you have major repairs needing to be done, you can have it all taken care of on site at your job location. For general maintenance purposes, it is suggested that you have your forklift inspected at least every six months, even if you do not use it frequently.

Although South Coast Forklifts does do most every kind of rental, sale, repair and inspection for your forklift, the one thing that they are unable to do is provide your workers with forklift driving courses. Arrangements for the forklift safety course should be arranged by the worker looking to be trained.

Whether you need a forklift for a day, need a repair done immediately or you are in need of a forklift driver to hire for the day, it can all be found at South Coast Forklifts. Quality care and quick attention to your needs is their main goal so that you can get the work done that you need without having to waste spare time you do not have to wait for a spare part.

Southcoast Forklifts can supply forklift spare parts for all makes & models, to all areas of Australia and Oceania. Whether it be common parts or hard to find we will do our very best to find and quote you at a reasonable cost.

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