No No Hair System Reviews

To be able to wear that beautiful sleeveless top, you need to have fuzz-free arms. No no hair system reviews promise just this and more. This new affordable and pain-free method of fuzz removal is making a lot of fans across the country as it promises a 94% reduction in re-growth.

Facial fur may be embarrassing to a woman. But, there are not many easy and pain-free options to get rid of this. However, this new kit may be used on face and on other sensitive areas of the body.

It is supposed to slow the re-growth rate with regular use. With its new slim and sleek design, it may be easier to grip and use on sensitive and rounder areas like the knee cap or the elbow. It’s Thermicon tips are a revolutionary breakthrough that work by crystallizing the hair.

There are two types of Thermicon tips- one narrow and one broad. The narrow one is for use on sensitive areas of the body like the bikini line and the face. The broader on is for the arms and legs.

Its rechargeable battery is long lasting and the status display screen shows how much battery power is left. It has a signal light that turns on when the roller touches your skin. This is to ensure that you do not miss out any tiny fluff and also an indicator that you are using it correctly. The kit also comes with buffer pads to rub the skin with after the process to get the fur out and exfoliate the skin.

However, it cannot be used on the breast or the genitals. It has to be charged for five hours before the first use. The crystallization process may produce a burning smell but this is normal. The tips will have to be replaced after regular use as per indication on the screen.

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