Necessary Factors To Think About When Choosing An Auto Transport Carrier

A car is a valuable asset that needs to be protected. Not only is there a monetary value to our vehicle, we often are emotionally attached and physically dependent on our vehicles to transport us from one place to another. When a vehicle needs to be moved a long distance, it is important that it have good care. When you must choose an auto transport company, you need to be diligent in your search in order for that vehicle to arrive at the new destination without damage. These tips should help you in choosing a safe and reliable auto transport company.

Seek out a shipping company which has a very good reputation. Use the internet and search to check out the companies. If a company has a bad reputation a quick internet search will let you see reviews of several dissatisfied customers. Look for a site that gives you more than just a star rating if possible. You will want to know both what happened and how the company tried to resolve the problem. You need a feel for how the company deals with problems as well as the problems that happened. If the majority of reviews are negative, it is probably best to stay away from that company and to choose a different carrier.

You will want to know if the shipping company has the proper licenses to transport your car. Auto transport companies need a federal license ans should fulfill insurance and bond requirements. Legitimate carriers will have no problem in allowing you to see these items.

Be sure that you ask the company about the insurance that they have to cover any damage that might happen to your car during the move. Be sure to find out about any limitations to that insurance. For example, some companies do not cover damage that might be caused by flying gravel. This includes paint chips and broken glass. If this is not a part of the companies insurance, you will want to know before signing any paperwork.

You will find that there are several options for shipping your vehicle. Not all companies will offer all of these options, so ask the representative what is available.

If you agree to open shipping, your vehicle is loaded onto an open trailer for transport. While less expensive, your vehicle is subject to more damage than if it is in an enclosed container.

Enclosed shipping puts your vehicle in an enclosed trailer and it is unlikely that flying objects will cause damage to the vehicle. If you have a very new vehicle, a specialty vehicle or an antique automobile, the extra expense may be worth the extra cost.

Economy service cost less but may take more time to get your vehicle where you need it to be. The vehicle may change trailers several times in the process of getting to your new home and spend a few days between locked in a secure storage yard. If you are not in a big hurry to get the vehicle where you eventually will need it, this can save money.

Full service moving will get the vehicle to the new destination in the shortest amount of time possible.

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