Moroccan Home Decor And Wall Decorating Tips

Moroccan home decor is popular for many reasons, and one of these is the fact that Moroccan furniture and accessories combine extremely well with any other styles that you may have in your home. The result could be an eclectic look that is both appealing and elegant.

If you want a home interior that is full of color, has plenty of texture, and includes designs that are innovative, then Moroccan decor may just be the style that you are looking for. Over the past few decades Moroccan furniture and home decorations have become known for a luxuriousness, durability, beauty, and flair that is undeniable. Many interior decorators and designers use Moroccan home decor, whether alone or combined with other styles. One area where this decor can make a huge difference is on your walls. Listed are the top five ways that you can liven up and beautify your walls using Moroccan home decor and accessories for an effect that is both dramatic and eye-catching.

Five Methods That You Can Use To Decorate Your Walls With Moroccan Home Decor And Accessories

Moroccan Wall Shelves

You will find a wide variety of Moroccan wall shelves to choose from, and the shelves can instantly change the way your walls look. These shelves can be used to hold Moroccan artwork and vibrant vases, which can add a beautiful touch which that is elegant and appealing. You can find these Moroccan accessories that will fit in corners as well as along straight walls, so you can decorate any room area.

Moroccan Home Lighting

Moroccan home lighting includes wall sconces, lamps, and lanterns, and the wall sconces available can add a decorative touch and mysterious atmosphere to any room in your home. You can find wall scones in any size and intensity, from very small and dim to extremely large and bright. Use these Moroccan accessories to create a focal point along any of the walls in the room, for a unique and interesting look that is sure to draw comments.

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Authentic Moroccan Rugs As Wall Artwork

A common practice in Morocco is to use patterned rugs as wall decorations, instead of just using them on the floor to provide color and texture. Many authentic Moroccan rugs make terrific wall decorations, and they can be used to cover large spaces on the wall that are empty. Rugs and elaborately embroidered tapestries make fabulous conversation pieces as well as wall hangings.

The Use Of Wall Mirrors

Moroccan home decor includes the use of wall mirrors, because these pieces add depth to any room as well as being considered artwork that is unique and intriguing. Moroccan mirrors have metal frames that have been intricately designed and elaborately detailed. A common practice is to place wall sconces on the wall and then place a mirror in between so that the light is reflected as much as possible. Consider using a mirror instead of using a painting or other wall decoration, so that the room seems larger as well as more beautiful.

Paint Considerations

Pain is a crucial consideration if you are using Moroccan home decor. Earth colored tones which are warm and inviting will provide the best effect, and make your home both beautiful and welcoming. Paint the walls in your chosen colors, and then decorate them with Moroccan accessories for a fabulous look that you will love. Moroccan home decor will create a space that your guests will love to visit, and that you will enjoy spending time in.

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