Menopause For Men?

It is not uncommon to hear about women and the physical problems related to menopause. Although men suffer from hormonal changes when getting older, it hasn’t been spoken about nearly as much. Until recently, not much has been said about andropause which is what it is called for males.

As a male ages, he has a decline in the amount of testosterone that his body creates. This decline can start as early as mid 30′s. Some symptoms that may occur are:

* Feeling tired often, not feeling rested

* Being Cranky and of poor disposition

* Depression and moodiness

* Muscle size and strength reduction, becoming flabby

* Losing bone mass which shows in later years as shrunken in height

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* Problems with libido

* Not feeling rested and troubles sleeping

By the mid thirties, a man may notice that his posture and body structure is starting to change. At first he may gain some weight around the middle, then more pounds are added on as he grows older. With the progression of age, his back may start to be hunched and he loses his muscle tone which then becomes flab.

In the days gone by, men would just take it in stride and not pay attention to old age setting in. His loved ones would notice the extra pounds, the posture and know that was what happened in life, he was just getting old.

Truth be told, men do not have to go through the difficult hormonal changes, just as women don’t have to. The solution is to naturally handle the hormone balance so the man of today does not have to follow in the footsteps of the men of yesteryear.

Instead of animal, synthetic or chemical hormone therapy, a modern man can receive hormone tests by a qualified physician and receive BHRT. BHRT is Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy. It uses natural ingredients to balance all the hormones, not just testosterone. By doing so, men can enjoy a new vigor for life.

Feel vital and alive! Find out more at Angel Medical Clinic. This article, Menopause For Men? is released under a creative commons attribution license.

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