Memphis Water Damage Restoration: What You Should Know

Mid-South citizens face the threat of water damage every year. Rainwater and floods are a reality, and nobody is immune to the damage they can cause. A growing number of communities are now being built along rivers and around lakes, and this increases the risk of water disasters. Everyone in the Memphis area should know about water emergencies and water damage Memphis restoration.

Addressing damage caused by water requires immediate action. Knowing who to call for such a disaster is as important as knowing who to call for other emergencies. Water damage can be toxic, and can cause tremendous damage to your property. It is important to find a water damage restoration company before you need one.

Time is critical if water has caused damage to your property. It is important that a professional restoration crew arrives promptly after the emergency occurs. The amount of time a restoration crew will arrive varies from company to company. Some companies advertise a 30 minute response, while others guarantee arrival within 3 hours. Your property and possessions are important, and you want someone to address your needs as soon as possible.

Even after you have called a professional crew, there are things you should do too. Shutting off electricity is the first step you should take, but only if the electrical breaker box is not affected by the water damage. Smaller objects should be moved to a dry area of the property, but larger items, such as sofas and tables, should be left for the restoration professionals to move. Raise draperies and skirts on furniture away from all water. Turn off any appliances that might cause air to circulate.

After the restoration crew has arrived, all water should be removed. Everyone should be aware of standing water, and you should check behind what the crew does to make sure all water is removed. Pay close attention to corners and low lying areas of your property, because these are areas that are easily missed by everyone.

Mold can be deadly, so it is important that the restoration company you choose can handle an outbreak. It is crucial that all affected areas are dried completely. In the days and weeks following the water damage, pay close attention to the details in your property. If you notice mold growing, call the restoration company again and let them address the problem.

Proper drying is critical. Standing water can cause damage not only to items in the property, but if water is left unaddressed for an extended period of time, it can also damage the structure as well. Prompt and professional response is critical.

Damage caused by water happens all over the Memphis area every year. Memphis water damage restoration is a concern for everyone, and everyone should know who to contact if a disaster strikes on your property.

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