Massage Chair Report: The Omega Montage Premier Vs. Sanyo DR 7700

Two of the absolute best high-end massage chairs are made by Sanyo and by Omega massage. Both of these manufacturers have solid reputations in very reliable massage chairs. Omega massage produces the Montage Premier massage chair and Sanyo produces the DR 7700 massage chair. Both of these massage recliners are packed with some amazing features. We take a look at both of these models to help you decide which one will best fit your needs.

When trying out a massage chair, one of the true tests is taking a seat while the chair is not working. After sitting and both of these high-end recliners, the Omega massage chair felt much more comfortable and cushiony than the other one did. Also, the feel of the material is another factor. Again, the Omega had a much softer feel to the material than its rival luxury massage chair.

Let’s start with an advanced feature of the 7700 massage chair. This massage chair comes with a physical shape sensor. This sensor detects you are body position in the chair and will adjust the massage is the body is shifted. This helps keep the massage mechanism aligned with your body throughout the massage treatment.

The Premier also is equipped with a back scanning capability. The back scan will be activated when an automatic massage is turned on. The body scan commences to find the neck and shoulders and other important locations for the massage. This information is inputted into the computer and used to deliver a customized massage.

Sanyo’s high end massage chair also has a stiffness detection system. A mouse like device is used to read certain stress signals area it records your pulse rate and perspiration. The mouse must be held during the massage to take the reading. The stiffness detection system works with the LCD to point out the areas detected.

The montage has developed a five different massage programs for their high end massage chair. Each of these five programs is designed for specific user requirements. There are lighter massages for her warming up and also ones for deep tissue penetration. Select the automatic massage that best suits your needs at any given time.

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There are four automatic massage programs and also manual massage programs. HEC has developed for separate themed programs depending on the user’s need. These programs are set at 15 minutes but can be adjusted up or down depending on the user’s desire. Each of these programs runs the full capability of the massage chair.

If you compare both manufacturers side by side, you’ll notice a few things right away. One is that Sanyo tends to add more devices that do sensing, like the stiffness detection system. Omega, on the other hand, integrates features that have therapeutic value. Omega integrates full body heat into the chair and also an MP3 player for relaxation of your mind.

The MP comes with lower body traction for stretching and relieving the legs and lower back. The DR offers the zero gravity position. This position is to help take the most pressure off of the spine. Although, we liked the zero gravity position, I did not find I enjoyed the massage in the same position.

The true test of any massage chair is does it relieve sore muscles and does it relax your mind. Sanyo’s high end lounger comes with many advanced technological features. However, these features are interesting more as a novelty then as therapy. Omega’s on the other hand, provides more therapeutic features. Slip on the headphones and play some relaxing music. This makes it easy to let your mind drift off as the massage deeply penetrates tired and aching muscles.

After putting both chairs through their paces, we find that the Omega Montage Premier is the superior massage chair. The end result of any massage chair is to provide relief and relaxation. The Omega Montage Premier simply out performs the Sanyo DR-7700 massage chair. The features of this recliner add more therapeutic value to the chair, whereas the DR-7700 has more gimmicky features. If you are looking for the best massage chair on the market, you have found the Omega Montage Premier.

Peruse the complete set of features of the Montage Premier massage chair from Omega. This massage chair provides the most complete and comprehensive massage therapy experience available. You can also check out the complete line of Sanyo Massage Chairs with many high tech features. These brands are the best of the best.

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