Managing Your Group’s Silent Auction Fundraiser

Some people may not know what a silent auction fundraiser is, so let’s just say that they are very common and not very silent. They are kinds of auctions where all the items are on display at the same time. Each one has a numbered sheet of paper with a starting price and people note their name, contact info and the amount they’re willing to pay.

A normal auction shows you things one at a time in order to bid the total amount you’re prepared to pay for it, which is also a powerful way to raise cash, however it takes time and patience. A silent auction allows people to view everything at the same time and if they really want something badly enough, they’ll wait to make the highest bid and you will generate a good profit.

Places you often find these happening have been in schools, churches or other groups. Parents and members find items they don’t really want just as if they were collecting items for a garage sale. They then contribute these items where an opening price is determined and it’s put on display.

There’s no limit to what can be auctioned off. Think of it just like a big garage sale, only everyone has a chance to get what they want if they’re willing to spend enough. You could include something large like an old bike to something smaller such as a jump rope or even various types of jewelry.

Because the goal of your fundraising event is to raise enough money for the cause, you’ll want to be organized . You’ll want to give folks sufficient time to donate items. The more things there are, the more cash is possible. Then you’ll need to get everything together, establish starting selling prices to ensure you will raise not less than the minimum needed and set them out on display.

Be sure your setup is friendly and eye-catching. Try to place things together that could be similar . In case you have clothing , you might want to consider putting a few things together as an eye-catching outfit so that more money is spent on the idea, instead of the single item. Another idea would be to bundle kitchen items together in a way that would make a great gift too .

Lots of groups must find ways to raise cash and a silent auction fundraiser is a great start. It offers those who are part of the organization a way to help out. Should you choose to make it more routine, you may be able to plan better for the next and the next, making them more productive compared to the last.

To really make your fund raiser initiatives light up, you should definitely have a look at to locate exceptional ideas such as the silent auction online, which can aid your fundraiser campaigns today!

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