Making A Powerful Statement With Lotus Tattoo

Every tattoo is a way to state your personality or individuality. It has meaning and symbolism attached to them that can stand in as representations of you. What you need to do is choose that can represent you from among all the available designs out there. A lot of people opt for a flower. One very popular flower tattoo is the lotus tattoo. The reason for this resides in the deep meaning and symbolism behind a lotus.

The primary significance of the lotus flower is related to the way it grows. It starts out at the bottom of a body of water, and it’s not tricky to imagine something unpleasant at the bottom of a pond. What comes to mind for the most part is “pond scum.” Still, this is where the lotus flower has its beginning.

So it’s at the bottom of some still water pond that the lotus flower begins its life. At first it’s a small bud clinging to a vine. Then the vine starts to climb upward. The bud, though, continues to face down, to the point almost where it can see the sun. Once it’s close to the surface, it turns around. Once the vine is elongated enough, the bud gets free of it, and it gets out into the sunlight like a beautiful flower.

The symbolism abounds here, and it’s powerful. First, that something so beautiful could rise out of a muddy bottom. And when it’s finally out in the sun, it’s incredibly beautiful.

The list of significances includes these:

* The flower stands for love separated and nostalgia for it * It can also symbolize birth and a beauty hidden within * It can simply represent the beginning of a new life

In addition to something significant, lotus flowers are simply very beautiful. Your best bet for a beautiful work of art is to find an artist who knows what he is doing. The thing about this, is that, they are as colorful as their real-life counterparts.

So choosing a these tattoo is a really good choice if you are interested in something really majestic and beautiful. You can show off this kind with pride wherever you go. Don’t put off the pleasure of having your own beautiful lotus tattoo inked into your skin.

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