Louisville Recycling: Teaching Children to Recycle

A great way to encourage the growth of recycling in each and every community is to make it a regular habit for everyone that is part of the community. Kids need to learn how to recycle at an early age, so that they grow up with it, and they don’t have a hard time adapting to the habit. Louisville recycling has recently given us some very practical tips in teaching our kids how to recycle. With Louisville recycling, kids can lessen their garbage and waste output and at the same time realize that they need to do their share for the benefit of the entire community. Here are 3 tips from Louisville recycling that you can apply to your kids!

1. Allow your kids access to some basic recycling education- Louisville recycling says your kids won’tget into the habit of recycling if they don’t understand what it is for and why it needs to be done. It is important for parents to allow their kids to understand the basics. First, make your kids see that we all produce waste. Next, children need to realize that most disposable items such as paper come from trees, and trees that are being cut down everyday. When we practice recycling at home or in school, we end up saving some trees! Another concept to tell your kids about is the concept ofnon biodegradable waste. It is good for kids to realizewhere this waste ends up. Knowing these facts will open their eyes and see why we need to reuse and recycle these items.

2. Assign each child a recycling task that he can practice regularly -Put what you’ve taught your kids into actual practice. Bring the recycling habit straight home by assigning recycling responsibilities in your own home to your kids. Kids who are skilled enough can paint or put proper labels on trash cans, so that waste is properly segregated. Another task to assign the younger ones is to monitor the family’s behavior and progress in recycling at home.

3. Have the kids collect cans, bottle and old newspapers around the home, and around the neighborhood as well- This last tip allows children to understand to the monetary value of recycling. As parents, have the children collect cans, bottles and newspapers around the house weekly. Your job is to find out where in your area these materials are gathered and exchanged for money. Together, we encourage both the kids and the parents to drive down to the collection area. Then, exchange what you’ve collected for cash and let your kids keep what you get as a reward. Through this simple exercise, your kids will see that recycling has an actual value, and they will be more encouraged to do it.

The earlier you get your kids used to recycling, the better it will be for them in the future. Through practical everyday tasks, parents can make recycling a daily part of kid’s lives. Your children will be able to realize what benefits recycling gives to the community, and the rest of the world through your constant explanations and good examples. When families learn to recycle at home, they are not only reducing their carbon footprint, but sowing seeds for individuals and leaders who will be socially responsible in the future!

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