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With the rate that programs and softwares are developed from different companies, we usually install a lot of programs that we no longer need by the end of the month.

The only problem is that when it comes to uninstalling these programs, sometimes it becomes such a trouble to do so.

I have tried uninstalling different programs that still get listed in my applications list even after I have already removed them.

In order to try to remedy the situation, I delete those files straight from where they are reflected but then it never seems to work and they always find their way back. Even using Windows to uninstall programs do not always work.

Lately, I encountered a program called Perfect Uninstaller. What this programs claims to do is to successfully remove all those programs that cannot be uninstalled the conventional way.

At that time, I was having problems uninstalling a certain internet messaging program so I decided to try on Perfect Uninstaller.

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Installing Perfect Uninstaller couldn’t be any faster. It’s only a 1.7M file so there were no problems in downloading it.

The installation process was also a breeze. Once you get the program running, you’ll notice a toolbar on top of the program’s main screen with icons that carry specific functions.

The first icon is the uninstall icon. Clicking this icon will allow you to uninstall any program in the application window.

The second icon that you need to be familiar with is the force uninstall icon. This function will allow you to fully remove any program that you cannot uninstall the ordinary way. I used this feature to uninstall the program that I was having problems with.

Special uninstall is an option provided by Perfect Uninstaller for those programs that have specific methods of being uninstalled.

The list includes programs that may or may not be installed in your computer.

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