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Ragdoll cats are quite well-known amongst most people who love felines, generally for numerous reasons. Their popularity, however, is primarily due to their stunning and distinctive looks, not to mention when in regards to their tell-tale docile and loving characteristics, much of which tends to draw in numerous cat-lovers alike.

The breed was initially developed by an eccentric woman by the name of Ann Baker, who, during the 1960s, bred one of her favorite cats and later others to follow until coming up with the Ragdoll breed itself. The original feline was known as Josephine, who later was allegedly involved in auto accident that eventually changed her demeanor after treatment to one who was particularly docile and showed other, more calm behavioral traits that Ann later ensured stayed put in.

The name of the breed comes from its uncanny behavior for whenever it happens to be picked up, a common trait that hails from the cat Josephine herself. At this time, the cats usually become quite docile or placid when they’re held, like that of a ragdoll and unlike many other types of breeds. Alongside of this, they are also known for being very affectionate, adding further appeal to them in general.

This type of breed also holds many more traits that people often find themselves drawn to more often than not as well. For example, a lot tend to like the fact that they possess very gentle temperaments, making them ideal for a number of household situations. They are also quite easy going and easy to handle, as well as known for being intelligent on top of it all.

These types of cats are also popular for their great looks. Overall, many within the breed are considered to be large in build and quite gorgeous to look at, often coming in a wide variety of different colors. Due to their demeanor, size, grace and beauty, many refer to them as being the gentle giants within the feline species.

These cats once came in three different patterns, but there are now mitted, tortie point, lynx point, bi-color and color point options available for potential owners to choose from. They also come in several different colors such as seal point, blue point, red point, cream point, lilac point and chocolate point.

Overall, numerous find that ragdoll cats can make for a wonderful addition for a wide variety of different situations and environments. Thanks to their wonderful demeanor in general, they can even make a great pet for those who live with small children or other animals, making them the ideal choice for many.

ragdoll cats

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