It’s An Annoyance I Am Unable Take Advantage of the Weather Which Is Ideal for Fishing

Today is a fabulous day for maggot drowning. If I did not have alternative tasks to do which are a bit more crucial, I’d have been running down to the fishing tackle shop and then making a bee-line for the riverside to get the fishing line set up and into the water. The conditions are quite cloudy but, and here is the main thing, not too chilly at all. I am, will always be, and have rarely been embarrassed to say to being a decent-weather fisherman. If I am needed to dress like a polar explorer in order to take part in a leisure pastime, then something has gone terribly awry with the decision making methodology as far as I am concerned.

But this is good, thin clouds, scarcely any wind and a promise of a dry day so it would be perfect for fish to be feeding instead of sulking at the bottom and staying put. But, if they are feeding then there is a great chance of getting a few on the end of the fishing line since they will have had extended times through December and January when they won’t have been feeding and Spring is surely coming. As I said yesterday, the first crocuses have been seen and the bluebells are also on the way, which means that very soon the fish are going to be breeding and will want to get themselves ready for that, which should be top times for fishers.

The best data over what is happening in the water of course is to be found at the local fishing tackle shop, who will know from talking to their customers where the best places are at that particular moment. They will also be able to pass on tips regarding what the fish are feeding on, as they can be fussy about what they eat and often even the old certain bait like maggots and fly castors will not do it and something as mundane as sweetcorn can get the fish to almost bound onto the fishing line in their eagerness. This is where positive ground baiting of the water can make a difference as it can help to lay down a mix of food which can help reduce the fishes’ normal wariness at the apparentlyeasy pickings.

Unfortunately I won’t be going out to get the best of it. As well as not getting the right tickets or licences, there are greater priority tasks for me today, such as attempting to get a job, taking my little son to nursery and working to promote my websites, which they cannot help me with at the fishing tackle shop, or sat with my fishing line in the water. Until I am able to get an iPad of course!


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