Information You Should Be Mindful of Regarding Safety Surface and Safety Surfacing

Playground safety is on the list of most important priorities. Any place with a playground should have a safety surface where kids may play and enjoy without getting harmed. In UK specific standards are put into practice while surfacing playgrounds. Only a few companies offer playground surfacing that adheres completely to the standards.

Wetpour is a reputable company that delivers installation of playground surfacing while thoroughly following the rules and standards of BSEN : 1177. This standard is certified by RAPRA technology, an independent polymer research, technology and information center.

We specialise in supplying and setting up safety playground surfaces throughout UK. Our products are made of the highest quality materials. Our products are made to stay for a long time. You will not need to replace the safety surface for years to come.

At Wetpour, we believe in customer satisfaction. Like any other business, we thrive because of our customers. So it is our priority to deliver what they want. We are proud to inform that our products have been considered as the ideal ones in the market. This was only possible because we believed in quality of our products.

We have a wide range of safety surfacing products that suit the tastes of each and every individual. Playfall Wetpour is a rubber surfacing that is placed continuously on playgrounds. These come in all sorts of colors and designs. Our Rubber Mulch is ideal for any playground and can be also used for landscaping. They add beauty to the place. We also have Synthetic Playsafe Surface which are available in different colors and designs. The speciality of this product is that it is woven. We also have artificial grass that look amazing in both playground as well as yards.

Apart from the available safety surfacing, we can also create custom made surfacing. We are well trained and experienced in providing any sort of arrangement you require. We may create any type of logos, themes and designs you wish. Nothing is impossible for our team of experts. In case you are worried about your budget and feel that you do not have enough money to incorporate the safety surfacing we provide, we can still help you. We can create graphic designs that are simple and money saving. With our team of experts we can create magic even for limited money.

We also provide consultation services to our customers. If you have any problem with your safety surfacing or would like a number of ideas about landscaping we are more than happy to help you. We also help you with maintenance and repair works if something goes wrong with the product.

Wetpour is the right choice for your safety surface. We are a dedicated team of experts who provide quality service. All of our installers are CRB checked. We do not begin work before thoroughly inspecting the property for safety and standards.

Our rates are reasonable. We are unbeatable in quality and competency. We are the leading suppliers of safety surfacing in town. We are the solutions to your dreams!

If you would like to learn more when it comes to the best and the hottest trends on safety surface, make sure to stop by On this site you’re going to get a wide range of safety surfacing certain to complement your needs .

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