Hydroponic Gardening Supplies To Set Up And Maintain Your System

If you are just setting up a hydroponic system, or to maintain an existing system, a range of hydroponic gardening supplies is required. A similar but basic system is thought, by many people, to have been used in the hanging gardens of Babylon. The first people to use a soil-less system is probably primitive Egyptians.

It is possible to grow plants all year round as the plants are protected from the environment. To control the temperature of the grow room a range of filtration kits are available to buy. These also include carbon filters to remove any odors there may be. Air circulators help to distribute cold air around the system in the summer months and warm air in the winter months. Silencers are available if the noise of fans are problematical. Use clamps and duct tape to fix fans and filters etc.

Media such as fleximix or rockwool is used to retain nutrients to increase the rates of plant growth. If growing plants in pots, media such as coco coir or perlite tends to be most popular. For covering seeds, vermiculite is typically used. Clay pebbles are often used for flood and drain systems.

Lighting is important for good growth and therefore a range of lighting systems can be selected. Reflectors increase the lighting in specific areas of the system. The heat from the lighting system also needs to be taken into account. If a light remains on too long, flowering plants become confused, or if the light fails, the plants can suffer and therefore it is important to choose a safe and reliable lighting system.

Little or no nutrients are within hydroponic systems and these have to be added. One, two or three part nutrients are used depending on the type of growth needed and the experience of the grower. In order to remove excess minerals from the roots, flushing nutrients are used.

When propagating your plants, root stimulators and root compounds should be used. During this period the lighting needs to be set at a suitable level. The use of a propagator is recommended.

Gardening supplies include bacteria which is beneficial to plant growth and the bacteria live on the roots of the plants. Unwanted elements, within the water, can be removed by using a reverse osmosis unit. A reverse osmosis unit is needed especially in hard water areas. Filters require renewal periodically to ensure continuity of the high quality of water. Various reverse osmosis units are offered with hydroponic garden supplies.

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