How to replace a battered trench line

Your bathroom starts gurgling. You notice smelly sinkholes in your beautiful garden. Your sink takes longer to drain. Bad news. You have a broken sewer line. You dont want to hear it, but you have to take care of it. You suddenly imagine your garden being torn up, your landscaped plants uprooted, and backhoes in your property. Yes, and you all have to pay for them. Quite expensively.

And you may have cause to believe so, considering that as far as you know, the new PVC pipes may last more years than you or your home. But a broken sewer line happens, and it is inevitable. So what do you do when it does happen?

The cost itself is hard to imagine. Think about torn up gardens, smashed driveways, backhoes on your grass carpet, and the huge holes and trenches that the plumbing crews dig. All these and more, and you have to pay for them! But the modern times bring comfort and solutions. A new discovery in the plumbing industry has made it possible to have your entire sewer line replaced without digging up or damaging your yard.

The trenchless system for sewer line replacement is done with a special pneumatic device that pulls through the old pipes with a cutting head, while at the same time, dragging new pipes into the current hole. This way, there is no further need for digging anywhere in your property.

If you are wondering if this could ever be done, here is how the system is applied: two experienced crew members dig a hole where the sewer line drains at the home exit, and then another in the street or alley. Then a steel cable is used to thread through your old sewer pipes along with a hardened breaking head or bullet which is attached at the other end. This will be used to break the pipes on its way.

A new set of polyethelene pipes is attached to the other end of the cable. From the alley access hole, a hydraulic system pulls the new set of pipes through the entire sewer system. While the cable is pulled through, the blades attached to the bullet head breaks the old pipes, making way for the new set of pipes. The new sewer line is pulled until it reaches the exit hole, after which it will be connected with new joints for the major home line. After the Master Plumber approves the work, the holes dug earlier will be filled in.

There are so many benefits and advantages to the trenchless sewer line replacement system. It is faster, cheaper and more convenient. It is not messy, too. The typical dig and back fill system takes two days, leaving ugly holes, torn up garden, smashed walkways and damaged yard. Therefore, your expenses are tripled, just to get your property back to its normal look.

With the trenchless system, none of these would have to be done. The entire sewer line replacement process only needs two holes for access, and then the pneumatic device does the huge part of the project. The plumbing crew can be done within 8 hours. Your yard lays intact and free from damage, you spend less, and you have less headache. The value of this new plumbing system is truly more than its worth.

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