How To Make Yourself Better Looking For Women

Whatever you may think and whatever most people say, general presentation of a man is important to women. It can definitely not hurt you to look better. That’s why I will show you how can you look better.

Even if you’re not physically handsome, you can improve how you look. In fact, you can make yourself look at least average. Get yourself together regarding your basic hygiene. Keep your body, face, teeth, and nails clean and kept. Get rid of bad breath. It’s a total turn off.

I remember when I was I teenager, I used to dress really good actually. At least till I turned 15. Before 15, I used to wear nice classy clothes. I looked so older with my clothes. I used have a nice Elvis Presley hairstyle. Combine that with nice leather shoes and fancy shirts. I really looked like a young model. Well, all that changed when I got to high school. My confidence and self esteem was so low that I started to copy what others guys there did. Most guys then dressed like slobs or bums when I look at it at my current perspective. It was cool to have the most sloppy and cheapest clothes. Your sneakers had to be old and worn off. It was awful. I looked like them. Now, I have returned to my old fame.

There are so many clothes and styles of dress today that I don’t even know where to start. That’s why I will just advise you to stick to the classic style. It never gets too old. It never becomes weird. An example of this is a way businessmen dress, the classy way. It includes a clean shaven face and a regular haircut (something like Charlie Sheen). Now, I am not saying that his is the best way out there. It is just something that you cannot go wrong with. It is something that will always look nice and acceptable. To continue, get some nice shoes and belt. It is preferable that they be the same color. Wear pants or jeans, both are okay.

Remember, dress to impress!

If you want even more tips and tricks, you can pick one of these 100 lines, and then fill out the special quiz. If you answer fully and I’ll give you a personal road map to more, hotter women.

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