How To Lodge Successful Road Traffic Accident Claims

People injured in collisions caused by other drivers may be entitled to road traffic accident claims. This is regardless of whether you drove the vehicle and can also apply to pedestrians, passengers and cyclists. While you will need sound legal advice, here are some parameters to help you lodge one successfully.

Applications are only valid for a short period of time after the collision so make sure you act swiftly. Any kind of personal injury originating from the incident may be lodged, especially for whiplash. Other circumstances include hit and run incidents and if the other driver did not have insurance cover.

You must not leave the scene until all information has been gathered and formalities have been followed. First check if anyone needs medical help. Ask the other driver for all personal details and contact the police to report the incident. Use your cell phone to take pictures of the collision for your application. Always check the time the impact happened.

A testimony by the other driver or party involved is required by the police to process your application so ensure you exchange details immediately. They will be contacted to authenticate any statements made. You have a case even if the other vehicle was stolen or not insured.

If there is no need to visit the hospital you should go straight to the police station, make a statement and have a case number assigned to you. If you do need some medical attention make sure you get a certificate stating the extent of your injuries to submit along with your road traffic accident claims. You will also need the contact details of the doctor who checked and treated your injuries.

Legal representation will go a long way to assist you with road traffic accident claims. An attorney will have the expertise to meet the procedural requirements for your application. Some advocates will not charge for their services if they cannot win your case. Be aware that you may have to wait as long as two years for the case to be resolved.

If you have been involved in a road accident, ensure that your road traffic accident claims are validated by expert solicitors. Hattons Law are solicitors in leigh who can deliver such results, allowing for a successful claiming process.

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