How to Hire a Wedding Photographer For Italy Weddings

Big wedding parties in times of economic difficulties are not sustainable, which is why a growing number of couples decide in favor of small romantic weddings abroad: the parents and the in-laws, the good company of the best man and maid of honor for a different wedding somewhere in the world.

With a professional (and reliable) wedding planner at your services everything will be very easy and stress free: no paper work, nothing to book, you’re free to plan some fun and interesting things to do on your honeymoon.

Italy is a very popular wedding destination because of the variety in locations it offers, from the famous art cities like Rome, Florence, Siena, or Venice to the Amalfi Coast or Capri, as well as countless quiet countryside locations.

An essential part of our wedding in Italy is the Photographer

Wedding photographers are normally sourced by the wedding planner who offers a short list of recommended photographers know to be good and reliable.

The photo album of your wedding in Italy is probably the most important element and the only thing you’ll have to show friends and relatives once back from the honeymoon.

4 Essential Elements you Need to Consider to Find the Right Photographer

Seek a Wide Variety of Wedding Photos You Like and Download Them

The Wedding photographer of your choice should have a seasoned online presence and demonstrate a very strong command on the English language: Experience shows how a lack of communication during the wedding can lead to poor results and spoil everything – communication is essential and the website is a first very important indication on how good their English is.

Review as many photos as you Can on Google Images and Flickr

When you run a query on Google for “wedding photos” you’ll see a small featured selection of images which are the ones ranking best on – browse through them and bookmark those to your liking – do the same on Flickr.

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When it comes to photos, Flickr is without doubt the primary source of quality images uploaded by a vibrant and very active community of users.

Use Wedding Forums

What you read in forums can help you formulate your own opinion and point of view – reading others experiences with your prospect wedding photographers will offer a point of view you may not have considered.

Search for “wedding forums” – use the ” ” to narrow down your search on Google and Yahoo!/Bing, you’ll come up with a short list of no less than 30 to 50 websites: get to work on them and identify the wedding photography threads, ask questions about your wedding photographers, join the conversation and grow your knowledge bringing it to the next level.

When Was the Last Time They Won a Wedding Photography Contest?

It will certainly increase your confidence knowing wedding photographer you’re reviewing have been listed as finalists or winners in a wedding photography contest.

Top professionals are more costly than others but you’ll notice the difference and later on be very happy to have spent a little more.

Do you LIke the Man Standing Behind the Camera?

Your Research in Forums and Blogs will tell the story of many couples who got married in Italy before you – read and learn from their experience, understand who this person is and if you are compatible.

You’ll find many different points of view, they may help you decide but they also may confuse you.

The best way to choose the photographer for your wedding in Italy will be to send an Email to all candidates at the same time: send them the same Email and verify how long it takes to reply – verify the quality of their English: are the answers to questions exhaustive? How did you feel when you were reading each reply? First impressions count

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