How To Define The Common Hayfever Symptoms

Hayfever, which known in medical terms as allergic rhinitis, is essentially an allergic reaction to pollen. Unfortunately, it is during the otherwise pleasant days of spring and summer that this miserable affliction is often at its most widespread.

Hayfever symptoms can include some or all of these:

* A runny nose
* Heavy sneezing
* Itching – particularly in the throat, around the eyes and in the nasal area
* Bloodshot or watery eyes
* Headaches
* Congestion
* A build up of mucus in the nose which sometimes drips back into the throat (known as ‘post nasal drip’).

Although they may seem small, the combined effects of hayfever symptoms can put a real strain on everyday life, especially for those attending school or the workplace.

Identifying whether these symptoms could definitely be down to hayfever, however, can be tricky. Other types of allergy, a cold, or indeed a completely separate condition, may show similar symptoms.

Whilst the key pointers below may help distinguish hayfever from a cold, it is always essential to seek advice from a qualified pharmacist so that the right over-the-counter treatment can be administered.

One of the signs that can sometimes be used to tell whether the person is suffering from hayfever rather than a cold is the presence of itching; particularly itching that affects the eyes, nose, ears, or roof of the mouth, for example.

Secondly, if the onset of the symptoms coincide with the start of the spring or summer season then this can also be strong grounds for suspecting that hayfever is having an effect.

Once a pharmacist has made a diagnosis, then simple but appropriate remedies can be administered to relieve the hayfever symptoms. These should start working very quickly and will demonstrate once and for all of course that the person was suffering from hayfever rather than a cold.

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