How to Choose A Keynote Speaker For An Event

Whether you are planning an event, or a conference you may look at hiring a keynote speaker. There are several speakers at most events and conferences. The keynote speaker is the main speaker. A bit like the main band at a gig!

The reasons you are choosing a keynote speaker depends on lots of different factors. Who is it that will be coming to the event? Who are you expecting? Are your clients business people? Are they members of the public? Do they belong to a niche of any sort? E.g. you might be expecting a sales team. A sports speaker might not be the best choice. However what about a sales or business speaker? What about a motivational speaker to gear up sales staff?

Finding the right keynote speaker for your event or conference can be a tricky job. There are two main ways of finding a keynote speaker. You could go direct. If you needed a sports speaker for example, how about contacting their agent? The majority of keynote speakers will have a website. Find a contact by typing their name into Google.

Take your time choosing a speaker

Why go for the first speaker you encounter? Speaking and after dinner speeches is a growing industry. Picture all the retired sports starts that give after dinner speeches. Back to choosing a keynote speaker, research and research again your speaker E.g. a speaker that makes rude jokes wouldn’t be a suitable for an event attended by children!

Filter down your speakers

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A shortlist of about five or 6 would be good. Now you have a good selection, but not too many speakers. You can contact each speaker then and ask about about their pricing and availability.

Why use an agency?

You could use an agency. Keynote speakers are the speciality of a keynote speakers agency. They can find the right speaker for you and help with the negotiations. This advice is absolutely vital. You can fill in the agent on what type of speaker you want, and instead of you doing the research, they can then match the speaker to your event, taking out the hard work.

Organising the event

The key to a successful event is good organisation. Ensure you have a reliable speaker, and a strict itinerary. Ensure you have the relevant contracts. Can you imagine your speaker not showing? Doing this properly and using an agency can help avoid this.

Ensure you enjoy the conference or event. And remember – choosing the right person is crucial to a successful impression on your clients.

Should you be requiring advice on finding a keynote speaker for your upcoming conference give Speakers Associates a call .

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