How The Mrs 2000 Works

Nowadays, the field of pain management has gained prominence due to which search is on to discover and experiment with innovative and different pain management therapies. Mrs. 2000 could be described as being one of the outcomes wherein the PEMF, meaning the pulsed electromagnetic field is incorporated in its devices like the whole body mat as well as a pad for being used in hospitals, clinics and homes. This device has a unique method of operation because it releases wave impulses of different frequencies and strengths and resembling a saw-tooth in shape.

As a full body mat, this device has been incorporated with three pairs of coils corresponding to the lower limbs, scapular regions. An individual undergoing therapy would realize that the direction of the magnetic field alters every two minutes and that its influence is strongly emanated for a distance of half-a-meter from the mat in every direction. This enhances the level of stimulation of the body and preserves its natural frequencies as well.

PEMF or pulsed magnetic fields utilize the acupressure points to deliver their healing solution. This is brought about by matching the meridian points with the relevant organs, regions and systems of the body so that on activation of the magnetic field a natural bio-energetic balance is established by itself.

There are two factors which enhance the healing power imparted by this device namely the different times at which it is used like morning, afternoon and evening and the north-south polarity. The calm and sedative feeling is imparted through the different intensity which is used every time and which causes the cells within the body to act like tuning forks thus overcoming pain and infection.

[I:] The energy potential of the cells is directly proportional to the intensity of vibration. This means that upon intensifying the vibrations of MRS 2000 whole body mat the energy potential increases proportionally and provides the user with the much desired good health and vitality.

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